• The Vapour Trail Tour has been engineered to provide characteristics for players wanting to combine attacking and defensive tactics. The blend of technology and specification including Optimetric head shape, Pro V12 Grommets, Bi-Axial Dynamic and Stabiliser top cap delivers a profile of power and greater shot accuracy for the player that demands all round performance. The Vapour Trail Tour is the racket of choice for Olympic Silver Medalist Nathan Robertson.


    For players that have an equal balance of offensive and defensive characteristics to their game, this racket is perfect. Delivering power with a high level of accuracy, it makes for the all round game.

    The Technology

    Carltons research and development department has been closely studying the bio mechanics of the badminton swing. This extensive research has been driven with one vision: to create a frame that delivers aerodynamic efficiency at every phase of the overhead badminton swing.

    Bio-mechanical analysis of the overhead badminton swing highlights two distinct aerodynamic directions evident during the swing phase. Air flow analysis during the swing phase also demonstrates the existence of two aerodynamic directions. The Bi-Axial Dynamics frame develops more efficient aerodynamics in both directions compared to competitor frames.

    This increased efficiency is delivered through a head cross sectional frame profile that is more aerodynamic than competitor frames. During development, over 80% of players stated the new Bi-Axial frame profile delivered increased swing speed.

    Positioned at 3 and 9 oclock positions, these specialised grommets have been softened to allow greater string movement thereby increasing power across the hitting zone.

    World Class Materials

    Precision engineering and the utilisation of the finest construction materials ensures your frame can accommodate up to 11% higher string tensions compared with some competitor frames.

    Sourced from Japan, Japanese Hi Modulus (HM) Carbon is the highest specification carbon available on the market ensuring your frame will outperform all other construction materials for frame response and stability.

    By introducing 4 convex channels into the top cap, stiffness of the top cap is increased allowing for greater shot accuracy and control.

    Using a matrix structure, Carlton has re-engineered the end cap to reduce its weight by 28% contributing to overall enhanced playability.

    • Level: Advanced
    • Type: All Around / Control
    • Flex: Medium Stiff
    • Head: Isometric / Optimetric
    • Length: 675mm
    • Weight: 86gm
    • B.Pt: 5 (Even Balance)
    • ===============
    • Head: Bi-Axial Dynamics, Japanese High Modulus (HM) Carbon, Xtreme Tension Frame, Pro V12 Grommets
    • Shaft: Japanese High Modulus (HM) Carbon
    • Cover: Carlton Full cover bag
    • String: Pre-Strung with Carlton Xelerate X67 performance string @ 22-23lbs by the manufacturer

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carlton vapour trail pro 70

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